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Welcome to You and Your Library.

About the course:

Each part has a PDF with text that explains the topics in that section.

  • Part 1 : About Libraries (different types of libraries, how you might get access, the kinds of things they offer)
  • Part 2 : How libraries organise materials (how to find things on the shelf) This part has two additional files, one for Dewey Decimal and one for Library of Congress. Pick the one your library uses!
  • Part 3 : Exploring topics (finding books and materials about a topic, subject headings, how to use them)
  • Part 4 : Useful library services (databases, interlibrary loan, and other nifty options your library may offer)
  • Part 5 : Troubleshooting (Have a library-related issue? Here's some help.)

About me :

I've been working in libraries since 2000, and earned my Master of Library Information Science degree in 2007. Since then I've worked in a school library, a college library, and now in a special library (Learn all about these types of libraries in part one of this course.) And of course, I've used the public libraries everywhere I've lived since I was tiny.

This course is offered because I run into a lot of people who don't know how libraries work, or all the things they can do.

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Got questions?

Leave a comment here, email me at [email protected], or use the contact form on my website. (My contact info is also at the end of each file.)

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